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Product Highlight: Personalized Bracelets

Posted by April Hamilton on

These personalized bracelets are as fun to create and as they are to wear! They feature a beautiful birthstone and initial of your choice. There are many bracelet sizes available to fit each unique individual.
Personalized bracelets are...
  • a wonderful personal gift, relating directly to the recipient with their birthstone (or favorite color), initial, and theme charm.
  • a great gift that works beautifully for a variety of ages and interests.
  • easily adjustable for a custom fit, due to the one inch extender chain.
  • a perfect gift for birthdays! (featuring a beautiful birthstone)
Each bracelet comes with an attached one inch extender chain. This gives you the ability to have a more custom fit. For example, if you choose a 6" bracelet, that means it comes with a 1" extender attached to that length. Therefore, you can adjust the bracelet from approximately 6 to 7 inches. This allows for a more precise and custom fit. It's all about having a personal bracelet that will fit well and be thoroughly enjoyed!
Panda Bracelet
More details about our personalized bracelets:
  • They are created with silver plated components, using a lovely dainty chain.
  • They feature a secure lobster claw clasp and extender chain.
  • The charms are made of zinc alloy.
  • The majority of the bracelets are lightweight.
  • The birthstone is a small, beautiful crystal that adds a burst of color to the bracelet.
  • The main charm is a way to represent a favorite hobby, animal, career, place, friendship, etc!


What kind of bracelets do you like? Do you have favorite interests and hobbies? We would love to hear your ideas. We are always expanding on our offerings here at Bead Brilliant. Feel free to post a response!

You are invited to browse through our collection of personalized bracelets!

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