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Product Highlight: Keychains

Posted by April Hamilton on


Definitely my top-favorite item to create- the adorable keychain! I just love cute keychains... especially with the ability to personalize each one with a birthstone and initial. It's easy to add keys to the ring.
Keychains make a great gift, because...
  • they are just too darn cute. I want to keep every single one that I create. :)
  • they are an easy go-to-gift that work beautifully for a wide variety of ages and interests.
  • they are personal and unique.
  • they are fun and practical - a gift that will be used and enjoyed regularly!
  • they are affordable.

compass keychain

Our personalized keychains strike a balance between beauty and durability.
  • The key ring and smaller rings are composed of stainless steel. We choose stainless steel because it is highly resistant to rust, oxidation, and discoloration.
  • Stainless steel is more sturdy and long-lasting.
  • The key rings and smaller rings are split rings, which mean they have an extra "coil" that keep them all securely attached.
  • The birthstone is a small, beautiful bead that adds a burst of color to the keychain.
  • The main charm is composed of zinc alloy. The main charm is a way to represent a favorite hobby, animal, career, place, friendship, etc! We even take custom orders if you want more than the three basic charms on the keychain.
  • You can even add additional birthstones or initials, if you want more than one of each!


What kind of accessories do you like? If you could have a keychain with any design or specific charm, what would you choose? We would love to hear your ideas. Feel free to post a response.

You are invited to browse through our collection of keychains!

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